MuscleCard Cryptographic Token Framework
This framework gives you everything you need to use multi-application smartcards across multiple platforms. In the package you will find management utilities, PKCS#11 support for SMIME, SSL authentication. With the MuscleCard Applet loaded onto a JavaCard you can begin using smartcards on over 7 platforms.

The following article describes the MuscleCard architecture and it's components [Click here to learn about MuscleCard]

The following components are mandatory to use MuscleCard:
  • MCardApplet - Muscle Card Applet for Java Card
  • GPShell - To Load the Muscle Applet onto the Card
  • PC/SC Lite - To communicate with the card reader
  • libMuscleCard - Framework for the MuscleCard Applet
  • MCardPlugin - Plugin for Muscle Applet for libMuscleCard

CVS Access to the MuscleCard components can be accessed here: [CVS Access]

Latest MuscleCard Developer Builds Download Here
This package includes everything you need to start using smartcards on a variety of platforms, including PKCS#11 support, smartcard authentication with PAM, and card administration. Start signing, encrypting, and authenticating with your smartcard with this easy to use package. Note that these components are in development and not yet stable.

ID Ally for Windows (1.0.0) Download Here
This complete installer comes with everything you need to get working with MuscleCard on Windows based platforms. Comes with a CSP for doing Windows Login, email signing/decryption, and web authentication. Applet loading and management for several Java Cards and PKCS#11 support too.

MuscleCard Plugin Writer's DDK (1.0.0) Download (120K) 
This kit gives you a skeleton to begin writing plugin support for the PKCS#11 and MuscleCard applications.

J-Muscle Card (-.-.-) Download (---K) 
This package gives you Java Wrappers for the Muscle Card API.

GPShell Toolkit (-.-.-) Download (---K) 
This project is providing an open source Global Platform toolkit for managing on-card application

JC Emulator (-.-.-) Download (---K) 
A Java Card emulator to allow you to build and test applets with pcsc-lite.

MuscleCard Applet Protocol Definition (1.2.1) Download (191K) 
Applet protocol definition in PDF format.

MuscleCard API Documentation (1.3.0) Download (195K) 
MuscleCard API definition in PDF format.

MuscleCard Applet (Stable) (0.9.8) Download          
This is the legacy stable MuscleCard applet which will allow you to personalize all the default parameters (admin pins, object memory, ...) using XCardII. Will load with either the Schlumberger Cyberflex Toolkit or Gemplus RAD III.

MuscleCard Applet Loader (0.2.0) Download (17K) 
Applet loader for the Cyberflex Access Developer 32k cards. Will allow you to load the MuscleCard applet onto the smartcard.

Additional Plugins
Oberthur AuthentIC (0.9.0) Download          
This MuscleCard plugin will allow you to use all MuscleCard applications with the Oberthur AuthentIC smartcard.